The Adventure

AdventureWare began forming in 2022, but the adventure started long before that. Our co-founders, Colin and Casey, met all the way back in 2006 growing up together in Dayton, Ohio. Fast forward 16 years later with Colin now in Boulder, CO and Casey in Cincinnati, OH, and having gained experience working across a range of corporate environments they both felt something was missing from the work they were doing. Having witnessed first-hand the growing effects of climate change and the burnout caused by work life, both recognized an opportunity to leverage their time and skills to create a more directly positive impact.

Although founding a company wasn't their initial focus, their shared experiences led to parallel realizations: work should be meaningful and satisfying, transparency is crucial for trust, individuals are more than just resources, and life is meant for enjoyment, not excessive stress. 

That's why, when Colin approached Casey for his idea centered around building applications and products for the betterment of humans and the planet they call home, Casey was all in. There's a long road ahead of us, but AdventureWare believes that by fostering the human spirit, we can build products that impact every individual and provide solutions to problems they face.

The Mission

At AdventureWare, our mission is to direct human energy towards creating innovative products and services that solve the challenges standing in the way of people living sustainably. The ultimate measure of our success is the positive impact we have for our stakeholders and beyond, and we know that maximizing this will be an immensely collaborative effort. 

Therefore, we are committed to pioneering a progressive work culture where we prioritize the wellbeing of our employees by protecting mental and physical health, fostering a sense of community, promoting work/life balance, and sharing in success equitably with our team members. Externally, we seek to partner with organizations whose values align with ours on respecting people and our planet. 

And for the customers we serve, we strive to establish a relationship built on delight, trust, respect, and genuine care. Their happiness makes us happy, and that’s what the adventure is all about. 

The Vision and Values to Guide Us

To be a community of ambitious adventurers working together to solve the world’s toughest problems in the most sustainable way. 


Understanding that every mile is walked differently 


It takes a village


Enjoy the job, not just the money that comes with it


What you see is what you get


What you don't see we will show you


Ingenuity for the betterment of people and the world

The Products

After seeing the negative effects of unrestrained consumption and the resulting waste, we knew we needed to help the best we can. With the ever increasing amount of things people own and the diminishing energy they have to effectively use them, much less dispose of them sustainably, we put our minds together to begin developing Kwipoo - a platform for connecting people with their places and things to promote mindful consumption and sustainable use of goods.

We envision Kwipoo becoming a tool for people to effectively, easily, and enjoyably coordinate the use and movement of goods we all have so that we no longer consume and waste in a way that is so harmful to the planet we live and depend on.

The Adventurers

Colin Freed

Colin has worked across multiple industries, both directly and as a consultant, helping companies improve their operations and execute their strategy with digital transformation. He is excited to use his business knowledge and expertise in supply chain and technology towards achieving AdventureWare's mission. As a lover of the outdoors, he is passionate about sustainability and making a positive impact on people and the planet.

When not working on AdventureWare, you can find Colin running, biking, hiking, skating, etc. around Boulder, CO. He also loves all things science and is always diving into books, articles, research, and more to expand his knowledge. Feel free too reach out to him if you have an interest in these things as well!

Casey Blakely

Casey has spent his career as a front-end developer and product designer in the fast paced consulting world. Working on cross functional teams, he's brought products to market, managed and prioritized efforts and led workshops creating processes and strategies to get products off and running.

As often as he can, he gets outside hiking, camping, fishing around Cincinnati, OH. Casey's fascinated by the A.I. wave and loves exploring ways in which this movement can help speed up steps in a products journey.

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